Monday, September 26, 2011

Follow up from last week's Fast Feet Friday

We are picking up steam and the kids are getting the hang of the safety rules.  After the west & southwest routes converged at 77th & Linden, we had ~21 kids and 11 parents, and stopped traffic on Aurora (hooray!).    There were four or five families in the Northeast bus, as well.  All without advertising!

More safety vests are available, and safety flags are coming soon.  We have oodles and oodles of the green lollipop signs - will be distributing these for walk-to-school day.

Volunteers needed!  We need help with Walk-to-School Day on October 5:
* photographers
* people to staff the prize table

And help with Walking School Bus in general:
* Come up with clever names for walking days, like Walking Wednesdays or Fuel-free fast feet fridays
* someone to help update the route maps and this blog/website (or tell Lexy what content to change/add)
* develop a method of tracking walkers- is weekly reporting by leaders enough?  Should we be auditing the whole school?
Design an incentive program, like the necklaces with feet charms you add for lots of walking.  How to track?  What rewards?  Lots of options!
* making stickers using the walking school bus logo
* acquiring hand stamps for walkers
Create a fun one-page scavenger hunt that walkers can use (no prizes, just for fun)?

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