Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Walking Wednesday WOW!!

We had more than 150 kids walk to Daniel Bagley or before-school care this morning (possibly more, but it was tricky to count amidst the chaos).  That's more than 1/3 of the school!

Most of the pre-set routes started about a mile away from school, but there were kids walking almost 1.5 miles this morning.  The average commute for Bagley families is ~ 1/2 mile, so as a community, we probably logged around 75 kid-miles this morning.  That's approximately 7500 calories burned, and 75 lbs of CO2 saved by not driving!  (These statistics are a little broad-brush, but you get the point)

Many thanks to the dozens of parents and caregivers who walked today either on their own or as part of a group, and especially to our tireless and safety-conscious volunteers and route leaders:  Lynn, Mary, Debby, Erin, Rebecca, June, Sue, Camille, Cecile,  Marisa, Kim, Carole, Clara and Lisa.  I apologize if I've left anyone off the list!

Thank you also to our program and event sponsors:  Jen at Feet First & Safe Routes to Schools, Julie from the Cascade Bicycle Club, and Jim with the City of Seattle's Aurora Safety Traffic Project.

If you'd like your student to walk regularly with a group, our Walking School Bus is happening year-round, on Friday mornings (Thursdays on Erin's route):

If you walk on your own and/or on other mornings, and would like a safety vest, bright orange flag, or a Walk to School green sign, let us know - we have a few extras.

Also, look for our nifty walk/bike-to-school charm bracelets for the cool commuting kids, starting next week.

--Lexy & Brooke

p.s. If you have photos, stories, or #s of walkers, please send them in so we can compile.  Thanks!

Walk To School Day Route Map

View Bagley Walk to School Routes in a larger map

Or go to link:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Walk to School Day - this Wednesday!

Join millions of other students from around the world as we walk to school!

Routes are shown on the map above.  No need to RSVP, just join the group as they pass by.  We're walking RAIN OR SHINE.

Handstamps and prizes for all walkers!  Water bottles, coloring books or bike charms.

Want a cool Walk to School lollipop sign for your student?  Look for Brooke or Lexy at drop-off or pick-up over the next few days.  We'll do our best to get there with enough for everyone.