Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let's Move on Friday Mornings!

We had a huge success on our first Let's Move, last Friday!  Lots of new faces on the Walking Bus routes, and dozens of kids walking the track.  Please bear with us as we work out the kinks.  The charms are really cool, and the kids are going to be thrilled!

Let's Move program details are below.

Bees will have a couple of Friday morning options to get moving and help their class earn the Golden Sneaker Award for that month as well as an individual backpack charm: 
Kids can join one of our three established Walking School Bus routes.  The "buses" work just like the yellow ones - "bus" (a group of adults and kids walking) will arrive at the stop listed at the assigned time and will pick up any walkers as it continues en route to school.  Parents are welcome to join for the walk or can drop off as we have enough parents to walk the group safely.  It's a ton of fun for the kids to walk with a big mass of their buddies and meet some new friends.  Bus routes can be found here:
 1 walk to school = 1 point
If you'd like to organize a new bus route, please let us know.  We'd love to add a couple of routes.  
Kids can join Mr. Millsap on the track at 9am to walk before school.  
4 laps = 1 point
Please note: we need a parent volunteer to walk and be at the track every other Friday to give Mr. Millsap a little relief.  Please let us know if you can help.  
Walkers will be counted by their Walking School Bus driver, Mr. Millsap, or parent volunteer at the track.  At the end of the month, individual backpack charms (feet, bikes or buses with feet) will be awarded to students who have walked (on the track or with their WSB) at least 3 Fridays that month (or 2 if there are only 3 Fridays in the month such as January).  Additionally, classroom totals will be tallied and the classroom with the highest number of walkers will receive the Golden Sneaker for that month.  The Sneaker will travel to the winning classroom each month.  
Finally, kids can earn double points if they participated in a Walking School Bus AND walked the track on a Friday morning.
We are working on logistics for program expansion, so we can have Walking School Buses on other mornings, and address the needs of kids who can't make either of the current options work.  Stay tuned!