Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bagley Bees are really moving on Friday mornings!

January was a big success!

Bagley Bees have been walking together every Friday morning.  The  results are in, and they're impressive:

* 124 kids walked at least one Friday last month  - that's 34% of the school!
* 40 kids joined a Walking School Bus, and walked a total of 61 miles to school on Fridays.
* 41 miles were logged with Mr. Millsap on the track.
* 91 charms are being distributed by Kid Mail (check those backpacks!)

Kids can earn points for joining a Walking School Bus (1 point per Friday morning) and/or walking the track with Mr. Millsap on Friday mornings (1 point per four laps).  3 points = 1 charm.

The Golden Sneaker will be awarded to the classroom with the most points, at an upcoming Monday Morning Meeting - which class will host this coveted prize for the next month?  Stay tuned...