Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Walking Wednesday WOW!!

We had more than 150 kids walk to Daniel Bagley or before-school care this morning (possibly more, but it was tricky to count amidst the chaos).  That's more than 1/3 of the school!

Most of the pre-set routes started about a mile away from school, but there were kids walking almost 1.5 miles this morning.  The average commute for Bagley families is ~ 1/2 mile, so as a community, we probably logged around 75 kid-miles this morning.  That's approximately 7500 calories burned, and 75 lbs of CO2 saved by not driving!  (These statistics are a little broad-brush, but you get the point)

Many thanks to the dozens of parents and caregivers who walked today either on their own or as part of a group, and especially to our tireless and safety-conscious volunteers and route leaders:  Lynn, Mary, Debby, Erin, Rebecca, June, Sue, Camille, Cecile,  Marisa, Kim, Carole, Clara and Lisa.  I apologize if I've left anyone off the list!

Thank you also to our program and event sponsors:  Jen at Feet First & Safe Routes to Schools, Julie from the Cascade Bicycle Club, and Jim with the City of Seattle's Aurora Safety Traffic Project.

If you'd like your student to walk regularly with a group, our Walking School Bus is happening year-round, on Friday mornings (Thursdays on Erin's route):

If you walk on your own and/or on other mornings, and would like a safety vest, bright orange flag, or a Walk to School green sign, let us know - we have a few extras.

Also, look for our nifty walk/bike-to-school charm bracelets for the cool commuting kids, starting next week.

--Lexy & Brooke

p.s. If you have photos, stories, or #s of walkers, please send them in so we can compile.  Thanks!

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