Friday, September 16, 2011

First Fast Feet Friday report

We had a pretty good turnout for our maiden voyage, considering the lack of advertising during this trial period!  On the southwest route, we ended up with 12-14 kids (which includes a preschooler or two).

Hot pink vests and some bright orange flags were distributed.  I loved the handmade school bus sign!  There was some route and time adjustment - if you have any thoughts, report them to Brooke.  We'll update the route map accordingly.

Safety issues to address:
* we need more vests and flags.
* Keep kids sandwiched between grownups for safety... could be a challenge, but if we repeat it frequently enough, it should rub in.
* Probably at least three parents needed on the southwest group to handle the spreading out issue.    
* Kids must wait for a parent at intersections and alleys, and driveways (especially near Bagley)

Any thoughts?

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